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Type of beach: Sandy

Seabed: Sand

The beach at Punta Penna is a perfect example of one of the few beaches left in Abruzzo which is completely natural, untouched by human intervention.

It is a beautiful beach, with soft golden sand that runs for kilometres. The magnificant dunes sit behind the beach, together with those at Vasto Marina, represent one of the most well preserved natural habitats on the coast. The dunes are dotted with vegetation, some even rare, and inhabited by animals such as the Herring Gull, the Sea Gull and the Kentish Plover.

To get to the dunes in Punta Penna you must travel through the industrial zone until you reach the start of the pathway which will take you to the wooden stairs which allow you to go down to the beach.  The sea is beautiful, terquoise, crystal clear with sloping sand which is perfect for bathing, swimming or watersports. The water at Punta Penna is so clean that it is not unusual to see the common bottlenose dolphin or sea turtles.

Did you know?

The beach at Punta Penna was the location chosen by the La Differenza, the group from Vasto for their video "Un tramonto d'estate a Parigi" which has a protagonist called Alberto Baiocco who is from Vasto and Mara who featured in Big Brother.  The video is shown below:

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