Vasto Marina Beach

Spiaggia di Vasto Marina

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Type of beach: Sandy

Seabed: Sand

Information: Beach with facilities

The beach at Vasto Marina is set in the great golf, a large arc which stretches from Trigno to the south to the imposing maid statue, called "The Bathers" (also known as the Mermaid of Vasto), to the north. The beach is long, wide and made up of soft, golden sand. Along the coast there is a true urban centre, with hotels, rooms, campsites, bars, and the beautiful dune formations which, together with the beach of Punta Penna, represent one of the best preserved natural habitats of the coast. To get to the dunes of Vasto, you must take the walkways that start from the main road, called the Statale 16, which is between the seaside and the train station in Vasto - San Salvo. The beach has a number of facilities and bathing in the sea is a lovely experience, with crystal clear, blue waters and sloping, sandy beaches, perfect for bathing or water sports.

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